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Gift Ideas for Any Season

Check out our list created by some of our team at SPGCT for ideas that family members can use to promote communication, fine motor, and gross motor skills.

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therapy approved toys for my child


Children in this age group are beginning to explore their speech and language skills. We see kids starting to babble or put sounds together. They might begin to participate in turn-taking routines with others playing social games or with their own sounds. They share toys with their caregivers to engage in joint attention. At this age, parents and caregivers can create communication temptations to work on speech and language skills using the toys shared below:

Gift Ideas for 2 & Under


Children at this age put longer strings of words together and demonstrate growth in their vocabulary. They might start asking questions (e.g., Where’s ball?) and answering simple WH (who, what, where) questions. They tell stories with increased details and events. Sharing with others continues to develop as well as more complex play skills, including dramatic and pretend play. The following toys below continue to strengthen their speech and language skills:

Gift Ideas for ages 3-6


Children that are entering adolescence are continuing to develop critical thinking skills, developing abstract and hypothetical thinking skills and are able to “think about thinking” (metacognition.) Children at this age are beginning to develop adult-cognitive skills.

Gift Ideas for ages 12+


The below items were chosen to target language, memory, executive functioning, visuospatial, and attention skills. These skills are often impacted when a neurological infarct occurs. Games and fun activities can help to engage and excite specific neurons used in these impacted skills which may have been underactive.

Post Stroke Gift Ideas


Make articulation goals fun for the whole family. Below are some suggestions to increase home carryover for our speech sounds.  

Articulation Gift Ideas


Sensory toys provide a beneficial outlet for individuals, especially children, to explore and engage their senses. These toys promote sensory development, enhance focus, and offer a calming effect, making them valuable tools for individuals with sensory processing differences or those seeking sensory stimulation.

Sensory Gift Ideas


Sensory processing toys play a crucial role in supporting individuals with sensory processing challenges by providing a structured and enjoyable way to regulate their sensory experiences. These toys help individuals develop and refine their sensory skills, fostering improved self-regulation and overall well-being.

Sensory Processing Gift Ideas

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