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Speech Pathology Group & Rehab Services of CT is proud to offer new high-quality services to our districts and clients. Teletherapy is an evidence-based service delivery model that allows clients and therapists to interact in a fun and engaging way, while targeting specific speech and language goals as well as fine and gross motor goals.

teletherapy available for many clients

Available for many Speech and Occupational Therapy patients

Our Teletherapy option is available for qualified Adult and Pediatric Patients, and many insurance will cover this option. This is a great way for our clients to stay consistent during inclement weather, traveling, or for other reasons that leaving home or coming to the clinic isn’t always the option.


What does a session look like?

Your therapist will send you a link directly to your email the day of your scheduled sessions. We only use ZOOM for our sessions due to its great security and encryption. It is easy to use and may individuals are familiar with this platform. We replicate in person sessions and activities by utilizing animated and interactive games, and activities to target goals for all ages from the convenience of you home.

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