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Accent Modification Therapy teaches individuals to learn how to switch between their native accent and “American” accent in self-decided environments. Adults in fast-paced environments may have difficulty efficiently communicating if surrounding peers or coworkers find it difficult to understand their voice/tone and speech production based on first language influence. This can lead to frustrations for both the speaker and listeners at work or in the community. Sessions are led by Speech Language Pathologists trained in Accent Modification.


Accent Modification will work on:

Teaching speech sound production for English sounds the clients find difficult to pronounce Rhythm and intonation of voice to sound more American
Facial expressions and body language to match a more American approach


How we help: 

Our Speech Language Pathologists develop a personalized
treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs and personal goals. They
will teach you how to express yourself across different settings using a variety of
techniques and exercises. Speech Language Pathologists will use a holistic
approach to support training on these communication skills and provide
exercises to carry over outside of sessions

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