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Pattyanne Langston

Office Manager

Patty Langston is a highly knowledgeable Scheduling Lead who brings her expertise and warm personality to her role. With a genuine passion for assisting families, Patty finds joy in meeting new families and providing them with the support they need. Her commitment to helping others shines through her work as she strives to assist families in any way she can.

Outside of her professional responsibilities, Patty cherishes the time spent with her family and enjoys exploring new places. With three boys, she embraces the joys and challenges of motherhood, bringing her valuable insights and understanding to her interactions with families.

Patty's extensive experience in the medical field spans over 20 years, specifically in Medical Billing and Scheduling. Her wealth of knowledge and expertise in various medical settings make her a valuable asset to the team. Patty's dedication, compassionate nature, and ability to connect with families contribute to her effectiveness as the Scheduling Lead, ensuring a smooth and supportive experience for all involved.

Pattyanne Langston
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