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Julia Glenn

Registered Behavior Technician

Julia is a skilled Registered Behavior Technician with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from SCSU. Her expertise spans implementing research-based reading interventions for young children and delving into cross-cultural autobiographical memory research. Julia thrives in collaborative environments, working alongside dedicated therapists to devise effective behavioral plans, equipping clients with the tools for success. She finds fulfillment in her one-on-one work with children and families, witnessing their growth into self-reliant individuals. In fall 2024, Julia will commence her Master's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), with aspirations to further specialize in School Psychology. Beyond her professional pursuits, Julia finds solace in antiquing, exploring culinary delights through cooking, and immersing herself in nature through hiking. An intriguing facet of Julia's life is her ability to flawlessly quote any Star Wars movie, showcasing her passion for the iconic franchise. 

Julia Glenn
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