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Danielle Rodriguez

Head of ABA Department

Danielle Rodriguez, the Head of ABA Clinic, is a highly accomplished professional with a strong academic background. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Southern Connecticut State University and a Masters degree in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from Saint Joseph University. With her post nominal initials MA, BCBA, and LBA, Danielle finds immense joy in her work, particularly in helping individuals and their support systems acquire meaningful and long-lasting skills. She is dedicated to supporting the holistic development of individuals and takes a person-centered approach when planning goals for their future. With a creative mindset, Danielle believes that the possibilities are limitless.

In addition to her academic achievements, Danielle holds various certificates that enhance her expertise in the field, including Adaptive Technology through MidState ARC, Positive Behavior Supports, PMT Coach, and Certified Special Education Advocate. Her commitment to lifelong learning drives her to seize any opportunity for personal and professional growth. She aspires to further her knowledge in Organizational Behavioral Management, recognizing its value in her career.

Outside of work, Danielle finds solace in the company of her husband, particularly when they visit the beach, as the ocean has a calming effect on her soul. Gardening is one of her favorite hobbies, and she takes pride in nurturing rare tropical plants. Danielle is an avid reader, finding solace in the pages of a good book after a long day of work.

Intriguingly, Danielle had a career in the nursing field for seven years before transitioning into behavior analysis. Her rich family history in America dates back to before the American Revolution. Throughout her years as a practitioner, Danielle has worked with individuals ranging from the age of three to 76, gaining valuable experience and insights along the way.

Danielle Rodriguez
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