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Tony Moreno

Marketing Referral Specials

Tony brings a dynamic mix of creativity and analytical acumen to our team. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from Central Connecticut State University, Tony thrives on blending artistic flair with research-driven strategies.

With a penchant for understanding consumer psychology, Tony crafts compelling marketing approaches that resonate with our audience. Looking ahead, he aims to deepen his expertise by pursuing a master's degree in Marketing Research.

Beyond the office, Tony leads an active lifestyle, balancing runs and gym sessions with his passion for acting and nurturing his production company. As a co-founder, he's committed to bringing stories to life through film, showcasing his dedication to both creativity and business savvy.

Tony's multifaceted skill set and unwavering drive make him an invaluable member of our marketing team, continually pushing boundaries and driving success.

Tony Moreno
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